Highschool trimester in Spain

Trimester program – 3 months in Spain


Trimester high school: Fall, Spring and Summer

3 months exchange students Spain can get a great taste of the Spanish Experience. In 12 weeks you can practice a lot of Spanish and get to know the country and the people pretty well.


This program organizes a unique stay in a Spanish High School for all students looking for a true academic and linguistic immersion. The program lengths vary from short to long, and students can choose their hosting area as well.


All students are placed in Spanish host families, which are screened and accept to host the student as another member of their family. Host families ask that the student be interactive and social. In host family accommodation, all meals are included that are eaten in the host home.


Basic High School Program: Students are placed in the best local public school option possible. Most students walk just 5-15 minutes to school, while others in larger areas have to take a bus or train for 15-30 minutes.
Elite High School Program: Students are able to choose their semi-private or private schools from a selection. Transportation to the host school may include walking or going by car.