Sport and Highschool in Spain

Programa de E.S.O y Bachillerato totalmente convalidable


Sport program in Spain

This program is designed for athletes that would like practice their favorite sport in a Spanish team/club and better their Spanish language skills in the process.

We tailor specific sports programs depending on the student’s objectives. Every year we receive several students for this highly requested program. We have had students from the United States, Germany, Italy, India, Jamaica, Nigeria and Russia.


We offer sports placements in Soccer, Swimming, Basketball, Tennis, Handball, Roller Hockey and Volleyball. The amount of time training and practicing depends on the student’s level, which will be determined by the local team/club. Sports placements can be organized in most areas of Spain, especially in Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valencia and Cádiz.

Academic Options

Students can choose between two different academic options. The first is going to a local Spanish High School and being placed in the corresponding grade level. The other is doing Spanish courses at a language center. Both options are excellent ways to better the student’s linguistic skills and it will depend on the student which option is best for the academic objectives in mind.


We offer two different types of accommodation. The first is in local Spanish host families, which are screened and accept to host the student as another member of their family. Host families ask that the student be interactive, respectful and social. The second is in a residency, which is reserved for the older students. In host family accommodation, all meals are included.